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Advertising on the Internet

Written by Jennifer Fields  •  Monday, 05.10.2015, 13:49

Marketing your website is imperative to ensuring success: Methods include using social networking, word of mouth, and purchasing ad space on various Internet properties. To gain visibility on search engines, participate in a sponsored search; also advertise on a website with a banner or text ad. There are aggregate sites that behave like mini-search engines: They collect all registered data and display results that appear to be in line with whatever the user is searching for

1 Place a sponsored search advertisement on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Your text ad will be displayed above, to the side of, or below organic search results. Sponsored ads also are displayed on individual websites; All three search engines allow website owners to bid on specific keywords. You pay a fee; often several cents, for any person that clicks on your advertisements. Bid on keywords that will attract the type of customer who will buy your product; for example, if your website sells shoes, the keyword “shoes” may seem obvious, but such a broad keyword often is costly and ineffective. Instead, bid on “Nike shoes” or “baby shoes.” This will increase your chances of attracting a buyer who is specifically looking for your product. You can set a daily or monthly budget on Google Adwords, Yahoo!, and Bing, to help manage your overall budget.

2 Buy banner advertising space on websites: Banner ads often are wide image ads, prominently displayed at the top or side of a website. There are companies such as Ybrant Digital, ValueClick and Banner Retail, that specialise in placing your banner advertising. Many of these sites will charge you for every click on your banner ad, or charge you a set rate based on how many times the banner is displayed. Many professionals argue that banner ads are not as effective as they used to be, but some say they still can help sales, if the campaign is managed properly.

3 List an advertisement for your products on an aggregate shopping portal such as, PriceGrabber, or BizRate. Shopping portals collect data from registered websites, about all products that are currently for sale. Based on the user’s keywords, the site will list items that appear to match what the user is searching for; The user can click on that product, and you are charged per click. To ensure that you are paying for clicks that are more likely to result in a sale, bid on relevant keywords, and display images and accurate product descriptions in your ad.

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