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Feng Shui in the Bedroom

Written by Helen Davis  •  Monday, 05.09.2016, 11:25

According to Feng Shui Principles; the Bedroom’s interior design is vital to the individuals Chi (energy).

In the book Feng Shui, Arranging Your Home to Change Your Life (1996, Villard Books), author Kristeen Lagtree writes that she believes the way sleeping hours are spent in the bedroom will influence the individual throughout the day. The occupants will enjoy a tranquil day if their sleep was relaxed. Sleep filled with restless hours leads to a long day filled with anxiety. Everything from love, health and wealth to total happiness is affected by the way the bedroom is decorated.

It is a fact. Most people spend a third of their lives in their bedroom. To most the bedroom is a sanctuary. A place to seek solace and peace from the world. A place to feel comfortable, or serene. According to Feng Shui principles, a feng shui bedroom will fill the sleepers life with serenity thus avoiding much anxiety and restless nights.

Bed Placement. The bed should be placed in an auspicious corner of the feng shui bedroom so that positive chi might flow through the door into the room easily. Chi is energy. And chi can be negative or positive according Feng Shui Masters. By the way, if you need a new bed, check out

Feng Shui Tips

The bed must never block the door. This blocks chi. When an occupants head is aligned with the door they will have restless sleep. The bed should be placed against a solid wall for support. Placing a bed near a window allows positive chi to escape out the window while sleeping. Feng Shui Masters believe a the sleepers head should be north. A north south alignment places the sleepers body in direct alignment with the earths and the sleeper receives direct magnetic energy. This direct energy enhances dreams and helps the dreamer remember them.

Feng Shui Bedroom Decor

Bedroom Furniture: Feng Shui principles state that mirrors should not reflect the bed. The sleepers spirit rises at night and might be shocked to see their image. Causing bad chi. Furniture with sharp edges should not point to the sleeper in bed. Pointing edges cause negative energy.

The shape of the bedroom is important to all occupants. A rectangular or square shape is most auspicious. This allows chi to flow smoothly. An irregular shaped bedroom with jutting corners, sloped ceilings, causes negative chi leading to restless occupants.

Bedroom Location. If couples want a happy and very long marriage. Feng Shui principles dictate that the bedroom should occupy the southwest section of the home as far away as possible from street noise and disturbances. Place attractive pictures with loving couples or beautiful scenery in view so this is what the occupants see when they fall asleep and the first thing they see when they awake in the morning. This creates a most auspicious and love filled atmosphere for the couple.

Follow these principles to enhance the home and bedroom atmosphere and improve chi, luck and love.

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