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Generating Online Product Reviews

Written by Helen Davis  •  Monday, 05.10.2015, 13:55

Whether you are selling cheap beds online or T-shirts, online product reviews are an important source of word-of-mouth advertising: Merchants can increase product sales potential by generating online reviews. Internet shoppers use reviews to get an idea of another consumer’s first-hand experience with a product. A positive review serves to enhance the credibility of your product; In the competitive world of e-commerce, a review can even be the difference between making and losing a sale. When a potential customer is impressed by a review, that is one more reason for them to choose your product over the competition.

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Customer Reviews
1 Compile a list of places online where customers can comment on products: Examples of websites that allow customers to write a review include Epinions, MouthShut, Cnet Reviews, and Buzzillions. Retailers like Amazon also allow customer-generated reviews.

2 Write a letter that informs customers of the places where they can leave a review online. You can also include some type of bonus to get customers to act; for example, offer a coupon for future purchases for leaving a review online. Just make sure you include an email address, and instructions on how to redeem the bonus. Ask the customer to use his real name or at least include his initials, so you can confirm that the customer actually wrote a review.

3 Disseminate this letter when you deliver your product; Use a typewritten letter if you are delivering a physical product in the mail. Send instructions in a thank you email, if you collect your customers’ email addresses. Customers who are interested in spreading the word, follow the instructions to write a review.

Website Owners and Bloggers
4 Compile a list of website owners and bloggers that review products in your niche: There are dozens of website and blogger directories, where you can find prospective reviewers. Website directories include DMOZ, Best of the Web and Directory World. Blog directories include BlogDirs,Top Weblog, BloggerHQ and Blogging Fusion: Each website owner or blogger typically posts contact info on his website.

5 Create a letter that explains your company and product, and include a request to write a review article for the publisher’s website or blog. As with customer reviews, offer something in exchange for the review; for example, if you are selling a software product, offer a free copy.

6 Disseminate the letter using the contact information for each publisher; If you found a phone number on the website or blog, call to make an offer. Respond to any publisher questions about your review request or offer; Website owners and bloggers who agree to your offer will then write a review of your product.

Customers, website owners, and bloggers, can also leave comments and reviews on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. These websites typically provide free accounts, and when a customer writes a review or comment, all of his friends or followers can see it.

The Federal Trade Commission considers certain reviewers to be endorsers: In some cases, you must have a reviewer post a certain disclaimer, to avoid violations of rules and regulations.. Read the FTC endorser guidelines to ensure compliance with US federal advertising rules.

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