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Installing Themes on a WordPress Blog

Written by Jennifer Fields  •  Monday, 05.10.2015, 13:58

Here are some easy steps to installing new themes for your self-hosted WordPress blog. You will also find several sites where you can find new WordPress Themes for your blog, like the one on

You Will Need
A self-hosted WordPress blog
An FTP client, like CoreFTP
At least one downloaded WordPress Theme

Installing Your Themes 
`- We will assume you have a self-hosted WordPress blog: You cannot upload themes to a free hosted blog.

1 Find several themes that you like, download them and unzip them. You can fnd WordPress blog themes in several places, by searching “free WordPress Themes”.Here are suggested sites to start with: The Official WordPress Theme Viewer, XHTML Valid, WP Templates

3 After your themes are downloaded and unzipped, open your FTP Client and connect to your site. You will need to open the directory usually titled “www”. Then you need to find where you have installed your WordPress Blog. Once you have located and opened that folder, you must open the folder titled “wp-content”. Then you open the folder labelled “themes”. Now you can upload your unzipped theme folders into the WordPress theme folder.

4 Once that is finished; open your web browser and log into your WordPress account. Under the Design tab you should see screenshots of all your uploaded WordPress Themes. Just click on the one that you like the most and WordPress will apply that theme to your blog.

5 That’s about it. It is really quite simple; Of course you will want to click on the Design/Widgets tabs and add widgets to your theme, to make your blog more interactive, then have fun with it.
I recommend using CoreFtp as an FTP client. The free version is really great.

I would only recommend downloading Themes from websites that are listed directly. It is possible if you download a theme from a site that can’t be trusted, that there will be virus and/or other unwanted stuff in it, without you realising. So be careful of that: Look for things in your template files like lists of keywords, text that seems out of place, etc

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