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Options to Think About Before You Buy a Stove

Written by Helen Davis  •  Monday, 03.04.2017, 13:15

Although cheap electric stoves or cheap gas stoves for sale might seem a great option for heating the home, and they do have some advantages, it is a good idea to shop around when buying a new stove this winter, as you may be amazed at the number of options on offer.

One popular form of home heating is the pellet stove. This looks very much like a traditional wood burning stove, but instead of using bulky wood as fuel, it uses small wooded pellets, and therefore obtaining fuel is a much more simple option. The pellets used by the stoves are made from compressed hardwood that are about one 1/3 inch in diameter and come in bags of about 8 kg.

Multi fuel stoves are another choice you might want to consider – these will burn different types of fuel such as coal and wood. This makes them convenient and also cost effective, as you can choose whichever fuel is easier to obtain and at the lowest price in your local area.

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