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The Cost of Building a New Garage

Written by Helen Davis  •  Tuesday, 23.05.2017, 10:43

There are several costs that go into building a new garage. Building a simple single or double car garage will cost less than building a premium garage.

Building a new garage can be quite an expensive project. There are a number of factors that go into the overall cost to build a new garage. Garages with simpler designs can be constructed by handy do-it-yourselfers with relative ease. Utilizing some features such as brick siding on a garage installation project can dramatically increase the cost of the project.
Cost of Building a Garage

The overall cost of building a garage can vary dramatically but will almost always increase the value of a home. A standard, single car garage contains around 240 square feet while a two car garage contains around 380 square feet. Having a professional construct a typical garage can cost the consumer between £35 and £45 per square foot. A single-car garage can cost upwards of £10,800 and a two-car garage can cost upwards of £17,100.

Premium Garage Costs
Constructing a premium garage with a garage door opener and all the other bells and whistles can cost several thousand dollars and require over 850 square feet of space. Most premium garages feature extensive garage storage cabinets, which offer garage storage solutions. An upscale garage can feature enough room for two or more cars, a workspace, extensive lighting, insulation, ventilation and storage. An extensive garage with all these features can cost well over £50,000.

Installing a Garage
More complex garage installation projects require a professional touch. Consumers that choose to hire a contractor for their garage installation should seek several estimates before making any decisions. Homeowners can easily carry out simpler garage installation projects. Material costs for a single-car garage range from anywhere between £3,000 and £4,000. Steel or wood prefabricated garage kits can be purchased for between £5,000 and £14,000.

Additional Garage Installation Cost
Laying pavement and restructuring driveways can add to the overall cost of installing a garage. Utilizing finer or higher quality materials in the construction of a new garage can increase the cost per square foot of the installation by as much as £55. Using premium garage flooring like concrete, garage floor epoxy or other garage floor coatings will drive up installation costs. Garage doors and garage door installation are other additional aspects of garage installation that homeowners should consider before committing to a garage installation project. High-quality wooden garage doors can come with a hefty price tag. Most states and localities require homeowners to obtain a building permit before any garage construction work proceeds. If a new garage is slated for constructed on the same site as a preexisting garage, demolition and material disposal will be required and can be quite pricey. Fast acting high speed doors are  another great addition to any new garage, albeit a little pricey.

Facts About Building a Garage
Consumers can purchase garage building kits and plans for all types of garages at most home improvement or garage specialty stores. Garage plans are available to consumers for anywhere between £20 and £200 depending on the complexity of the plans. Garages can easily be fit with solar panels but solar panel installation projects can be expensive. Garages add value to a home and incur very little maintenance costs throughout the years.

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