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Website Rankings and Traffic

Written by Helen Davis  •  Monday, 05.10.2015, 13:57

I read on  that analysing your website’s rankings and traffic is important if you run any kind of website, but especially if you hope to make money from the site. Each topic is slightly different, but helps you understand critical information about your site and its visitors. Many free and paid websites allow you to track this information.

Your website’s search ranking refers to the rank achieved when someone searches for one of your topics. If you run a website about recipes with carrots, for example, it is useful to know what ranking your site has, when someone searches for “carrot cake” in a search engine such as Google. Rankings programs show you your site’s exact information; the higher your site ranks, the greater the chance of someone visiting your website.

Ranking Benefits
Ranking information is useful, to help you make your website a success: If you find that an important page on your site ranks lower than expected, determine how to improve your promotion of that page, by analysing the keywords you use, links to the page, and quality of content. Knowing the exact ranking of your site can help you sell advertising, as potential advertisers are attracted to sites that appear toward the top of search results.

Your website’s traffic relates to the visitors clicking on your site, and includes the daily hits statistic; the simplest of the traffic statistics. Numerous websites allow you to see and analyse more advanced traffic statistics, learning such important information as the physical location of your site’s visitors, the duration of their stay, which pages are most viewed, what items are downloaded, and how people are directed to your site.

Traffic Benefits
Understanding your website’s visitor base by analysing your traffic statistics, can help you improve your profits. If you see, for example, that an important amount of your traffic is from a certain part of the city, consider adding more content specific to that area, to your site . Additionally, if you see that your traffic increases on a certain day of the week, add new content on that day.

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